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Inspiring Solution on the Wheel of Co-Creation
By Corinne McLaughlin 

Did you know there’s a mushroom that can eat toxic waste like lead and oil?

Did you know that many countries have significantly reduced poverty because of their use of micro-credit loans and computerized labor exchanges?

Did you know that over $2.7 trillion per year is invested in companies with socially responsible values such as environmental sustainability?

What if we don’t have to live in fear of imminent crises, but can actually contribute to a new and better world by developing more solutions like those above?

Imagine a world where there are proven techniques for resolving violence and conflicts peacefully. Imagine a world where you can stay healthy and reduce your health costs by 80 percent. Imagine a world where criminals actually change their behavior and stay out of jail.

But you don’t have to only imagine these new solutions to our problems—they already exist! The media is just beginning to discover them. My work as a practical visionary is to inspire people about these exciting solutions and illuminate the new world that is growing all around us now.

I like helping people find new ways to solve their own problems, as well as discover how they might create a new solution. I enjoy giving people an inspirational vision of the emerging world, but I also like to ground the vision with best practices—real life examples of solutions to our problems that are already in place. This gives me great hope for our future!

Barbara Marx Hubbard invited me as well as CVL Board member Eleanor LeCain to be part of a team to identify innovative solutions in 12 fields or sectors of human activity on the Wheel of Co-creation for the Birth 2012 celebration slated for December 22, 2012.  Our Center for Visionary Leadership is co-sponsoring this event, along with many other groups, to celebrate the birth of a new era of human unity--one that is sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous for all--an historic day of global unity.

In this article, I’m highlighting 12 exciting innovations in fields such as the environment, health, media, governance and economics. I’ve also created a Meditation on the Wheel for blessing each field of activity and energizing your own contribution in one of these fields.  You can access this 5 minute video here: http://www.vimeo.com/50640397

Click here for examples of solutions and rest of article

National Conference Call Meditations for the 2012 Election

A non-partisan contribution for the highest good of our nation

Monday, November 5
8pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time (5pm to 5:30pm Pacific Time)

Call 1-605-475-3200 code 344107#
(Please join call within 5 minutes of start date to not disturb the meditation)

Click here for a brief Election Meditation video. (New!)

Prayer for Our Nation

We ask you to join with us wherever you are, for prayer and meditation for the future of our nation.

Read Prayer


Family Star Meditation
by Ginger Young

Take a few deep breaths, inhaling peace and serenity. Exhale out tension and worry. Be fully present in the moment. Use the breath to calm and still yourself. Breathe in slowly and deeply for a count of three and breathe out for the same count. Do this three times. Breathe in the moment, let go of the past and the future. Affirm you are present in the Now.

Now see a circle of light and love surround you, emanating from the source of Life itself. See this light pouring in from the top of your head, slowly flowing to all parts of you and into your heart. Pause here and feel loved, supported and protected.

See this energy move down your body. Let it flow downwards, exiting out from the soles of your feet, grounding you to the earth. Connect to the Great Mother. Feel this energy supporting you in your life and personal growth, giving you the energy and strength to do all that you need to do -for your work, your family and for yourself.

See this energy rise up from the Earth back through your feet, slowly up your body, into your heart and back up, connecting you to Spirit, to the Divine presence within all of life. Visualize this circle of love and light expand out from your heart to include your family, those that are in your loving care: your spouse or partner, your beautiful children, one by one.

See them each come in to the circle, your family circle. A circle you have built and now hold for your family. This circle has always been there, but now with your recognition and conscious building of it, the bonds between your family grow ever stronger. Strong family....

See a line of light connecting your heart to your family's heart. Again, one by one. Now breathe in this love, this connection to one other. See the lines of love connecting each of you. Connected family....

Visualize a star above each person head, the light that guides each of their lives. This light is unique to each person. See the light in each person. Let each light shine. Radiant family....

Now visualize a bright star above your family. Connect each person's light to this star which is vibrantly colored by all of the lights representing each person, as each light helps create this larger light, this One Family Star that protects and guides your family. Affirm that this Family Star overlights your lives and that each light is supported and nurtured. Each star is encouraged to shine and to grow in its own special way. See your family star connected to the Greater Light that guides each person in the human family. One Family....

Hold this connection and alignment for five minutes (or however long you feel comfortable). When you are ready, take a few deep breaths, come back to your center, open your eyes and SMILE.

Write down any inspiration or images that may have come to you during the meditation. Know that you can always connect to your star and your family star. Share any thoughts with your family and remember that this space of love and light exists between you and your loved ones in every moment.

Image: The Waiting by Slavka Kolesar



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