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Good News: The Impact of Greater Light on Our Planet Today

© 2013 by Corinne McLaughlin

Have you felt the amazing spiritual energy flowing into our planet this year and the energy upgrades that are affecting all of us in various ways?  Welcome to the Age of Light!

Have you recently experienced an energetic download that causes an internal shift and a spiritual tune-up, making it easier for you to become aware of your higher purpose and to be more fully present in the moment?  Many people today are reporting that they are now more drawn to inner, meditative practices as well as to more collaborative group activities and service.

What is the cause of all this?  If you’re experiencing something subtle but unusual lately, one of the causes may be the intensified solar waves radiating the earth recently.  On May 1 of this year, for example, there was a solar eruption of what scientists call a coronal mass ejection (CME) — a type of sun storm that can fire off billions of tons of solar material at more than a million miles per hour.  As humans, we are profoundly affected by the sun and its heightened activity.

There is now evidence of increased light on the planet, which was scientifically verified by CERN in Geneva, the world’s leading physics lab, as reported in Science magazine. CERN has recorded cosmic radiation that is intensifying daylight on earth as well as providing more light at night.

The effects of this solar shift include a revelation of what has been hidden, increased transparency and collaboration, the synthesis of opposites, and the circular economy. 



Conscious Earning, Spending and Investing 

September 20-22 at
The Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, CA in
Petaluma, CA

Would you like to generate financial  abundance for yourself or your organization or project?


Would you like to transform dysfunctional, subconscious issues about money that relate to old patterns? 


Would you like to do more good in the world with your money? 

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Money as a Spiritual Asset
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