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Growing Your Money and Changing the World

ゥ 2013 by Corinne McLaughlin

Are your personal finances creating a better life for you and our world or are they a source of stress?  Would you like to grow your money and expand your income so you can contribute to the world in a positive way? 

Your money can grow abundantly like a lush garden, when the right seeds of intention are planted in the fertile, prepared ground of your subconscious, watered with your love, and energized with the sunlight of your soul. You need to keep removing the weeds of negative thoughts and beliefs so your harvest will be abundant. You can learn from nature how to be a good gardener with your money. 

Begin with clear intentions about your money葉hey are the seeds that you plant.  What fruits would you like your seeds to produce?  If you create positive intentions and ask for the help of Spirit and a benevolent Universe, you can become magnetic and attract money more easily. As you focus on thoughts and intentions that benefit the wider community, your magnetic attraction of money will become more powerful.

For rapid growth, be sure to plant your seeds in a place where they値l receive sufficient sunlight, which is the light of your soul痴 purpose. Spirit is ultimately the source of your abundance, so develop an attitude of gratitude for what you致e already been given and stay aligned with your values.  See yourself as a custodian, rather than an owner of money and material things.

Plant the seeds of your intentions in a rich, healthy soil for a productive harvest. A healthy soil is your subconscious葉he deep, fertile support you値l need.  Prepare your soil by clearing out the weeds of negative, dysfunctional patterns before you plant your seeds.  Work on identifying and removing negative beliefs about money, including issues from your early family life, such as seeing money as the root of evil. A healthy attitude realizes that money is simply energy, neither good nor bad in itself.  Your intentions and how you use it give it value.



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Video: Meditation on Attracting Abundance



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